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How It Works


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Tell us about you

In the contact us form, tell us a little about your dinner.

We will use this to help offer the best package for you


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Let the creativity begin

Chef Justin will send some menu options & work with you to create the ideal menu




In the last 48 hours before the dinner, Chef Justin & his team will collect & prepare the dinner at his Lisbon Restaurant



time to party

We will arrive approximately 1 hour before the serving of the dinner, fresh food in hand & ready to create a memorable experience

Frequently asked Questions

How does Private Chef catering work ?

On the day of the event I will be busy preparing the majority of the ingredients in the kitchen of my Lisbon Restaurant.


Approximately 1 hour before we are due serve the food, we will look to arrive at your location. In this hour, we take the time to get set up and finalize preparation. At the time you wish to eat, we will begin (we are quiet flexible here and if the guests are running a few minutes late, it is no problem).

Our service of food usually runs for approximately 2 hours for 5 courses, this allows enough time to eat the dishes at a relaxed pace, and give approximately 10 minutes between courses. But with that said, the time taken is not set in any way and is dependent on the group and how the night flows, we honestly work it out as we go.


We take care of the cooking and serving of the food, as well as the clearing and cleaning of the plates and cutlery etc. We look to return the areas used back to the way we found it, and along the way, minimise any work for you and/or your guests.


Generally around 1/2 an hour after the dinner is finished, we will also be on our way, so you can continue to enjoy the night without the thought of others being in the house. Our passion is to see everyone thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Some of our guests have dietary requirements, is this a problem?

This is no problem, during the menu creation process is the best time to contact the guests to become aware of any dietary requirements as on the night they are usually much more difficult to cater for. We are  more than happy to customise the menu accordingly. If on the night something comes up we will do our best to organise a good solution.

Our dinner celebration is not in Lisbon, can we still do something?

Yes, I am happy to travel, although there may be an additional charge for the time & travel expenses. This includes travelling Internationally.

Is there a minimum number of guests?

Depending on the menu type, we generally have a minimum of 8 guests. If you have less than 8 guests please let me know and we can discuss options.

What time will the chef arrive?

This can vary slightly, however Chef Justin generally arrives 1 hour before the serving of the menu.

Do I need to buy the food?

No, the purchasing of the food is included in the price.

Have more questions? 

Check out the live chat on this site or get in contact by following this link.

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